• Feeling frustrated over social media and disconnected from your own business’s online presence should not be the core of any entrepreneur’s day, you want to keep the frustration at bay so that you have enough headspace to concentrate on delivering your purpose!

    The energy you have when creating your social media communications is felt by the audience. Reach an inner balance between your uniqueness and marketing and transform that into a tangible trademark of your services.

    Digital Strategy Wellness will help clarify your storyline, and provide tools for creating content with ease and staying consistent. On top make sure it is authentic to you and your business.

Digital strategy wellness

Feeling stuck in a hamster’s wheel with your online marketing and sales efforts?

The constant struggle to produce content, and lack of inspiration and motivation is what makes even most successful entrepreneurs lose their motivation with social media.
What if you had a UNIQUE, REPEATABLE and SCALABLE social media strategy based on your business DNA?

Digital strategy wellness is designed to unlock your full potential and turn your struggles upside down.

Are you ready to be visible online with ease?

Why do you need the digital strategy Wellness?

I have developed this method while helping purpose-driven and wellness entrepreneurs and aiming 100% at solving what frustrates them most about doing business on social media.  The problems I most often heard were:

I feel disconnected from my business purpose and it is so hard to market and sell my services online

Every time I need to create content I do not know where to start, I am feeling frustrated

I spend too much time on social media instead of serving my clients

How often should I be on it? Is it really worth it? I invest so much of my time into it but I am not able to see if this yields results

I will guide you through the social media jungle step by step to provide answers to the above and build your unique repeatable and scalable strategy.

I help you fill in any gaps in how the ecosystems (content types, algorithms and analytics) of social media work and how to have full control of what your results your actions bring in.

Ugne Marchionno

I help purpose-driven and wellness entrepreneurs reduce stress, detox from unnecessary energy leaks, and amplify their business results via personalised digital strategy.

Start truly loving your business again.

And YES without the stress!

In the last 15 years, I have travelled and lived around the world, from Europe to Asia, to South America and back. On the way, I have picked up 7 languages, learned a variety of different cultures and sharpened my strategic eye on any situation thrown my way! Combined with my education and work background in trade marketing and advertising this helps me understand your business and look at it from different perspectives to provide you with a well-structured and hands on strategy.

Ugne is a patient and skilled professional who offers valuable, well-researched strategies and advice for increasing the visibility and attractiveness of your business on social media. She explains things in a very understandable way and is there to support you every step of the way.

Teressa Canosa
Joyful Heart Acupunctur

“Ugne is passionate about supporting you as entrepreneur. She is creative and thinks ahead. She gives you the right nudges, honest feedback and valuable input. She is serious about her work, and at the same time keeps it light and fun! Truly enjoyed our work together!”

— Annette Nilsson

Life & Leadership Coach | Equine-assisted Coach